Can Dogs Eat Asparagus?


Yes, and no. We love the looks on their little faces when they get treats. And, we are sometimes guilty of sneaking them a tidbit from the table or cutting board when nobody else is looking. When you’re tempted to give your dog a taste of asparagus, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

Is asparagus good for them?

It’s worth a shot. They’ll eat almost anything and will at least give it a try. If they don’t like it, out it will come. They may give it another whiff, and then they’ll be done with it. Or, they may love it and beg for more. 

It’s best for them to eat it unseasoned and lightly steamed, so it’s easier for them to chew. Asparagus is very fibrous and, in its raw form, it’s tough to chew. That’s probably why we don’t see it cut up raw in any of our salads. 

It’s high in natural antioxidants which keep your dog’s internal systems clear of toxins causing diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart related illnesses. High in other valuable vitamins and minerals, it will keep your dog looking healthy with a shiny coat, strong teeth, soft skin, and vibrant eyes. 

Can asparagus hurt them?

If they eat it in its raw form, not only will it be tough, but they’ll end up swallowing small chunks which could pose a choking hazard, especially for smaller breeds. They’ll also have difficulty digesting raw asparagus, because of all of the condensed fibers, resulting in gas, vomiting, or even diarrhea. 

It will make their urine turn a greenish color and smell very strong. And, they’ll have to go potty more often. If you decide to include asparagus in their diet, plan for some extra walks, just in case. 

If you’re growing your own asparagus, make sure that your dog can’t get to the plant. The base of the plant, called the asparagus fern, is highly toxic to dogs. You’ll definitely want a solid, sturdy fence around it, especially if they have grown accustomed to eating it. 

Asparagus can definitely be safe for your dog to eat. And, even though it doesn’t have the high protein and fat that their bodies crave, it still has plenty of health benefits that go along with it. So, feel free to share your asparagus with them. Just hold the salt and hollandaise.


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