Can Dogs Eat Beets?


You have whipped up some roasted beets and want to share with your entire family, including the dog. The question is, can dog eat beets? In short, dogs can eat anything you give them, but that does not mean that they should. Beets are one of those that should not be given to dogs.

Are Beets Healthy for My Dog?

Beets do contain some healthy nutrients like fiber and vitamins. Unfortunately, your dog would need to eat a fair amount in order to truly reap these benefits, and this is not in the best interest of your dog.

All in all, beets are not worth the effort when it comes to giving your dog a healthy treat. Because they evolved and thrived off of food like meat, beets are not going to do much for them in the way of health and nutrition. Save that beet for yourself.

The Dangers of Eating Beets

Beets are not the healthiest treat for several reasons. One, they are acidic, which can cause diarrhea and gas. They are also high in oxalates. If your dog is susceptible to bladder problems and kidney stones, definitely avoid high-oxalate foods. Third, if beets are not cooked, they could pose a choking hazard.

All in all, there are healthier options when it comes to feeding your dog human food and vegetables. Not to mention, beets are known to stain anything and everything. If beet juice gets in your dog’s fur, you will have an extra clean-up session after the kitchen.


Beets are not toxic to dogs, but that does not really make them healthy either. While in moderation they are okay, and it is perfectly fine if one falls off the plate and into your dog’s mouth, but there are better foods that your dog will enjoy more.


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