Can Dogs Eat Black Beans?


You probably know that those black beans you are preparing to throw in your chili are a good source of nutrient rich protein infused plant based goodness. Then you see your pup sitting there and he or she is wondering if he can have a bite or two of those fun beans you are using to cook. After all, the beans do look pretty straight forward when they are not cooked with other spices and vegetables that are not okay for your pup to have as a treat. 

You can give your furry companion black beans but they need to be prepared in a safe way for him to consume. Make sure that if you are going to let him try beans that come from a can (still nutritious but not as much as freshly cooked beans) you triple check the ingredient list. If there is any variant of the following vegetables and spices, do not give your dog those beans. Check for any variants of garlic, onion, black pepper and nutmeg, turmeric, and paprika. You also want to ensure that the black beans are not mixed with broad beans, fava beans, baked beans, or refried beans, as these all can cause your pup to have stomach upset. 

Never give your pup raw beans that have not been soaked and cooked; they pose a choking hazard and just don’t digest properly when eaten that way. Don’t feed beans to your furry friend frequently either; you want to use beans as an occasional treat as too much of them is not healthy for him. You want to also be sure that you drain and rinse beans thoroughly regardless of whether they came out of a can or you cooked them yourself. A good way to feed your dog black beans is by combining them with other dog safe vegetables or plain rice, or you can give them to your pup plain by themselves in quantities no larger then a couple of tablespoons full. 

Not only are black beans safe for your furry friend to ingest if they are prepared properly, they can also be quite beneficial to your pup. Black beans are infused with several important vitamins and minerals such as vitamin K, manganese, and vitamin C that help your pups metabolic processes such as blood sugar level regulation and give them a good immune system boost. Black beans are also rich with fiber and protein that also give your furry friend healthy energy that will burn fat easier and promote a healthy intestinal digestion rate and processes. In summary, your furry friend can safely eat black beans; that is if he or she likes how they taste to begin with.


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