Can Dogs Eat Bread?


Sharing food with your dog helps you grow closer. However, you should always try and keep track of the types of human foods you are giving your dog. Many of these foods can be dangerous to pets. So, can your dog eat bread?

Is Bread Good for Dogs?

Being carnivores, dogs do not get any nutrition from foods like bread. In fact, you should always limit the amount of bread served to the dog to less than 5% of its daily diet. The rest should be actual dog food. Giving your pet a lot of bread will make him gain weight fast, and this can pose health risks to the dog. When properly moderated, bread is generally safe for dogs.

Is Bread Safe For Dogs?

The safety of the bread is dependent on its ingredients. Some dogs are allergic to these ingredients, and they will experience a negative reaction when they consume bread. Some ingredients to check include wheat, yeast, fruits, nuts, and commercial additives.

Xylitol is one of the additives you should look out for. It causes severe health problems in dogs. You should also avoid feeding your pet bread that contains raisins since this ingredient can cause kidney problems. In fact, bread with raisins can be fatal to dogs.

People generally prefer bread that is made with nuts, but these are harmful to dogs. Nuts can easily cause pancreatitis and stomach irritation to your pet. Macadamia nuts should especially be avoided since they pose a very serious health risk to dogs.


If you want to share some of your bread with your dog, make sure you limit the amount they consume to less than 5% of their daily meal. Bread is generally safe for dogs, but you should make sure you check the ingredients first. Certain ingredients can be harmful to dogs.


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