Can Dogs Eat Canned Tuna?

canned tuna

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Normally, most of the dog foods contained with fish components. As they were rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids also it contains several vitamins and minerals. Considering about canned fish like tuna will be a good choice as they will be a healthy treat for your dog. Dogs can have tuna fish either cooked or raw as they can able to handle both forms but while feeding raw tuna, it is necessary to remove the bones first. You can feed your dogs with canned tuna as well and while choosing canned tuna have to prefer the one packed in water and not in oil, sauce or seasoned water.

  • Canned tuna will be a great and cost-effective option for dogs and while buying canned tuna it is necessary to check as it contains only tuna fish, water and allowed additives.
  • Canned tuna that comes in oil or sauce were not recommended for dogs as they leads to obesity and causes inflammation in their pancreas which requires immediately whereas they are harmful to dogs than being good.
  • Also should not give canned tuna that have added flavors and spices to dogs as they can’t digest the spices and it affects their health as well.

How to provide tuna safely to dogs?

Tuna can be given for dogs to eat as they are good for health but not more as they contains higher levels of mercury than other fish types and the dogs can’t regulate them when it is of large amount. To be on safer side provide small amounts of tuna to maintain their health. Canned tuna fish have high levels of sodium due to the addition of salt and when it consumed in excessive quantities affects dog’s health as the sodium can cause side effects. So when feeding canned tuna to dogs it is recommended to keep a track on their health even though they are fine have to be cautious as should not allow you dog to have them much. It is better to feed dog canned tuna beginning with small portion and can gradually increase them if there are no negative reactions.

Advantages gained from feeding tuna to dogs

  • Tuna fish contains various health benefits for dogs as they were being excellent source of lean protein which helps in the dog’s muscle growth.
  • It have only very little levels of fat so no need to worry regarding the health catastrophes caused due to fat content in dogs.
  • They were enriching in minerals like selenium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium which are essential for dogs.
  • Not only they were rich in minerals also contains the vitamins required for dogs such as vitamins B3, B6 and B12.
  • They have high level omega-3 fatty acids and it is good dog’s health as they were beneficial for cardiovascular health. This helps in reducing inflammations in their body and supports well in improving dog’s skin condition and reduces itchiness as well. Also it decreases arrhythmia and assists in regulating cholesterol levels. Even it reduces the risk of blood clots and improves dog eyesight as well.


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