Can Dogs Eat Chickpeas?


Article 11

Yes, the dogs can eat he chickpeas in which the garbanzo beans are also known as chickpeas where this bean is safe one for dogs to eat as long as they are cooked plainly without adding any ingredients with it. Ensure that at any circumstances you did not give onion or garlic to your dog chickpeas and also avoid giving the hummus as it can be processed with the ingredients that are toxic to the dogs such as like lemon and garlic juice. The garbanzo beans are often found in the natural food brands of dog food and also in some of the homemade recipes of dog food. The following are some of the benefits of chickpeas for your dogs, in which the chickpeas are packed of protein, minerals, vitamins and fiber and it will be helpful to control many health issues of the dog.

  • Heart issues and high blood pressure – Chickpeas are rich in potassium and contains low sodium that helps to dilate the blood vessels. Both of these qualities help your dog to lower the blood pressure and aid in the health of the dog’s heart. The fiber loaded chickpeas help to lower down the amount cholesterol content present in its blood.
  • Diabetes – The chickpeas are complex with carbohydrates that releases the energy slowly and the chickpeas avoids the spikes and dips in blood glucose levels that caused by simple carbohydrates.
  • Cancer – When your dog is affected with the cancer issue then the chickpeas are not cure one for cancer but they do contain numerous amount of substances that helps aiding in prevention and growth of cancer. In addition to this the chickpeas contain vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant that protects the dog cells from radical damage.
  • Obesity – When the dog is provided with the foods that are rich in fiber such as like chickpeas which contains more fiber content so, the dog feels full for longer period of time and you can provide food for your dog after 15 minutes.
  • Anal gland and constipation issues – Occasionally feeding your dog with chickpeas may helps in regulating the bowel movements in your dog and it prevents the constipation and an accurately created stool helps the dog with the anal gland appearance.

Ways of providing the chickpeas to your dog

The chickpeas can make the gassy pets worse and leads to the bloating and abdominal cramps in which these legumes are introduced in your dog body slowly and finally leads to the gastrointestinal issues. Ensure that you avoid providing the processed chickpea to your dog where this may turn into the hummus, which are seasonings and full of spices one where this may be delicious one to you but it harms the health of your dog. Also take care when feeding the canned chickpeas to your dog where these canned foods tend to be high in sodium so, before feeding them you rinse well to wash off most of the salt present in the canned chickpeas. When you follow these things then your dog’s health will be good and there will be no side effects in your dog’s health.


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