Can Dogs Eat Clementines?


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There are many numbers of animals or birds in the world which can be grown as a pet. From the different types of animals, most of the people prefer dogs as their pet animals. There are many reasons to keep the dog as a pet animal. One of the main reasons is dog shows too much of love towards the human and it always faithful to the person who owns them. Love and loyal of the dog are all based on the care towards the dog by a human. Some of the pet owners treat their pet as a kid, some make a separate home for their pet and some spend more money to make the pet more comfortable. Almost all of the people struggle when it comes to giving food to your dogs. Owners might get confusion while feeding or some people feed whatever they eat which might be harmful to dogs. As a pet lover, one has to know which one is good for the dog. Do dogs like it?

Feeding clementine to dogs

As a dog owner, many have doubts about whether they can provide or feed clementine to dogs? Yes, it is good for dogs when you feed in limits. Clementine fruit has citrus, as it does not contain toxic acid. The citrus acid present in the clementine fruits does not concern to dogs, but the canine digestive system is not designed to digest the fruits. As it is high in sugars and it may cause some upset when your dog concern it more. It is highly recommended up to only two or three slices of clementine, that too without its peel. If it exceeds more than that, it will be surely lead to some health issues or obesity. Every time you need to be conscious while feeding it to the dogs whether it is facing any issues or not.

Few negative impact of giving clementines

If you have found any negative impact on the dogs when feeding it make sure that you are avoiding it from the next time. Citrus acid present in the fruit maybe make the dogs more irritation or it may leads to nervous system depression if you make your dogs eat more. If you are adding these fruits to your dogs, reduce the daily intake of food. Reduce the food up to 10% which helps to prevent obesity for them. Similar to many fruits, clementines also have packed with vitamins and many nutrients. It contains vitamin C, as it helps the human to provide the vitamin more than half a person’s daily needs. A veterinarian says that there is no limit for dogs to how much vitamin do they needs for a day because it is water-soluble and excess levels will be out and it won’t accumulate in its body. Nutrients present in the fruits might be giving some benefits to the dog’s immune system. That may be helpful in the nutritional boost for your pet. It is good for a dog when you feed less when it exceeds it might be a problem for the dogs.


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