Can Dogs Eat Lime?


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People use to add limes and lime juice as a common ingredient in their drinks as it have a vibrant, sour taste and it consists of many vitamins and by having it can feel refresh. Lime is well known for vitamin C and it has most powerful and important antioxidants as well. Lime is beneficial for humans as considering this fact can it be provided to pets? It’s a bad idea, because limes are toxic for dogs. Not only the lime and lime juice also having contact with a peel of lime and the leaves of the lime tree were too dangerous for dogs. So to be on safer side, it is better to not allow your dog to have contact with the lime tree.

  • Limes were good for health in many ways, yet their benefits were only applicable for humans not for dogs as they are toxic to them.
  • Dogs can get all nutrients by feeding them with complete and balance food also can give fruits and vegetables along with that which are safe for them. But never consider adding lime in their feed as it can result in causing health disorders.

Why limes are being dangerous to dogs?

Limes were poisonous for dogs because the lime and lime leaves are enclosed with aromatic oils and psoralen substances which are toxic for dogs. Psoraln compounds were safe for humans while they were harmful to dogs. If a dog consumed any part of lime then the psoralen compounds causes several health disorders like vomiting, diarrhea, depression, and sensitivity to light. Along with that they bring trembling, drooling, and loss of muscle coordination.

  • The defects were depending on the quantity of lime exposure either the dog eat lime or captivated the psoralen compounds by their skin.
  • When the dogs were exposed to large amount and for long time to lime or they were ingested with lime leads to causing liver failure and at some cases dogs may be dead.

How to treat when dogs consumed lime?

If your dog consumes a small quantity of lime or lime juice there will be mild effects. At this time, it is better to not feed them with food for 24 hours and have to make them to drink water only because water helps to drives the fruit from their system. They have taken lime in large amount means it causes symptoms like vomiting or may suffer from diarrhea. In such condition it is necessary to take them to veterinary doctor and have to provide treatment immediately.

When the dog skin got exposed to any part of lime tree then it requires treatment faster as they may absorb the toxins from the lime through their skin. It can lead to skin rash and may affect their groin area. So have to wash the dog completely by using liquid dish soap and water when the dog skin got the exposure of lime tree. Have to repeat the process till the traces of the citrus oils and smells of citrus were gone in their skin.


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