Can Dogs Eat Mashed Potatoes?

mashed potatoes

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Many people love to have pets in their home and them remains to be a best companion in their life. In similar ways, people also more concerned about their pets care and many pet owners are keenly focused to provide their pets best things to make them happy. In general, people have several options in finding their pet animals starting from kitty till small creature animals like guinea pigs. Although there are various options available for people to choose their pets and most of the people go with dogs as their quite different from all other pets and shows more attachment with owner. However, it has been real confusion for many pet owners what to feed to their dogs? It is mainly because people have habit of feeding their foods to their dogs too which is not good for pet’s health. Some may think why dogs should not be feed with their foods, the reason is quite simple the pets habitat and character is depends on food they have, so it is necessary to serve good and best quality foods especially made for pet dogs. But it does not mean that pets should only feed with special foods they can also feed with homemade foods with some limitations.

Does mashed potatoes is great treat for dogs?

Most of the pet owners would not be able to provide special dog foods for their pets as they cost high, so often they would search for alternate way for it. The first thing they check whether it is possible to feed the dogs with homemade foods. Homemade foods are really good for your pet dogs and at the same there are also some limitations available in feeding them too. To be clear enough mashed potatoes remains to be great treat for pet dogs here are some factors about the dish and limitations & restrictions are listed below.

  • Mashed potatoes are safe homemade food for dogs as they are rich in vitamin C, Vitamin B6, magnesium and iron content.
  • These contents provide supports to dog’s nervous system, immune system, nutrition absorption and many.

Although the dish is safe and good treat to dogs there are some limitations also available in serving them that are listed below.

  • If dogs has diabetes then the mashed potatoes should not be feed to the dogs as it increases the sugar content in blood so it should be avoided.
  • People should not add any seasoning toppings such as adding salt, garlic, onions, onion and garlic powder to the mashed potatoes as it is toxic for dogs. If it does then it may lead to anemic.
  • Moreover in mashed potatoes people should avoid adding more salts as it may lead to dehydration for dogs.

Thus in some special occasions, people may add some toppings in their dogs food and feed them. It also safe to check whether the mashed potatoes are in good condition and after feeding, take it way or else the dog eat the spoiled food and it leads to some issues.


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