Can Dogs Eat Pears?


Normally, dogs eat many healthy fruits, but one of the most favorite dog’s eating is pears. Of course, pears are crunchy and energizing delicacies for a warm day. As a pet owner, you may have a doubt that can dog eat pears. But more essentially, you should know whether the pears are good or bad for dogs. As a responsible pet owner, it is more essential for you to know this, when it comes to feeding human foods for your dog. Absolutely, the dogs can consume pears, when you provide to them in moderation. Actually, the pears consist of more essential nutrients, but this fruit could not be a perfect one for dogs. Because, many of pear’s great nutrients such as Vitamin C and fiber will not be benefit for dogs.

However, this is not telling that the pears will do nothing for your dog. In specific situations, the nutrients might advantage your dog. Apart from the advantages of pears, there are some risks and side effects linked with feeding a small piece of pears to your dog. Basically, pears are delicious fruits with different varieties of minerals and vitamins for both humans and dogs as well. It is not wondered that these pears can give dogs with utmost health profits, even if the nutrients are efficient for them. In order to inspect the significant health profits of pears for dogs, let you consider the nutrients of pears.

Pears for sturdy dog bones

Actually, your dog will be able to obtain more than sufficient K from pears with a proper 9% suggested daily value of vitamin K. First of all, you need to take a look at the pears nutritional sheet and then you can view the next most common vitamin is vitamin K. Definitely, this particular vitamin has been well known to maximize the bone thickness in both humans and dogs as well. Accordingly, the greater bone density leads to the sturdy as well as improved bones in dogs. This means the pears will be better sufficient for the energetic dog breeds, which withstand more stress on the bones, while jumping and running around. Also, the elder dog can get profit from pears; because of the unavoidable weakening of bones.

Healthy dog heart with pears

Normally, the single average sized pear can have approximately 5% of the suggested every day value of potassium, as for humans. A small portion of pears per week is more than sufficient for your dog to obtain profits from this particular nutrient. Naturally, potassium is an electrolyte mineral that can be well known to stimulate the routine heart function. Therefore, this specific nutrient can also stimulate the health heart in your dogs. In reality, if the levels of potassium in a dog become moderately low, it can cause Arrhythmia, i.e. unbalanced heartbeats. Taking pears along with its potassium will create more sense for an elder dog. If your dog is suffered with unbalanced heartbeats, you can make sure to consult with doctor, before using pears to treat this condition.


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