Can Dogs Eat Pepperoni?


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People often have habit of sharing their foods with their pet dogs, but in reality it is not advisable to share human foods with your pets. Rather people would tend to offer specially made foods for their pets, but in reality one cannot afford special dog food all time due to their financial conditions. In order to tackle this, people would try to search ways to feed their pets with homemade foods but even while serving homemade foods people have restrictions in choosing ingredients. It is mainly because dogs cannot take all ingredients as their digestive system and it cannot digest some ingredients. On other hand some homemade food items may lead to several disorders and functionality failures. So, if people wish to feed their pets with homemade food items then it is necessary to know whether the food items are advisable to feed your pets. To be more specific and clear enough, if you are pet owner and feed your pets with homemade food items such as mashed potatoes, then it is great treat for your pets. There are some limitations like you should avoid all seasoned ingredients for toppings and avoid adding salts to the foods. Likewise, certain food items like pepperoni should not be served to pet dogs as it is so dangerous for dogs.

 Reasons to avoid pepperoni in dog’s food list:

Most of the pet owners would wonder why pepperoni should be avoided in their pet’s food diet list. There are many reasons behind this at first pepperoni is food item which is made with combination of beef and pork meat when the pet consume this type of foods then it may affect the habitat of your pet. Apart from this reason there are several other reasons also state to avoid pepperoni from pets diet are listed below.

  • Pepperoni food items contain increased level of sodium and fat content that is unhealthy and unsafe for dogs when they consume it.
  • If the pet dogs consume pepperoni food items in large quantity then it may cause several risks such as digestive failure, kidney failure or damage, pancreatitis and many other issues.
  • Moreover the pet dogs should not be feed with meat items with toppings of onion and garlic as they are poisonous to the dogs, were pepperoni dish often made with seasonal topics that too onion and garlic powder which would be toxic to your dogs.

When pet dogs feed with more quantity of pepperoni, then that would become as a food item that is expected from dogs too. Thus to be on safer side people can offer pepperoni to their pets as occasional treat that too in limited quantity. If it is feed to the dog on regular manner then it is essential to check for symptoms like increase in thirst, urination, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea. All these help pet owners to identify whether their pet dogs are healthy or sick to the bottom of line if people wish to have healthy pet dogs they it is recommended to avoid pepperoni and any meat food items with seasonal or spicy flavors which may cause the pet stomach upset.




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