Can Dogs Eat Potato Chips?

potato chips

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When you look into the household of any country, the most common thing that everyone would notice is potato chips. Sometimes, the dog owners would feed their dog with potato chips when they have a bite of it. Most of the dog owners believe that their dog likes the taste of the potato chips but are you sure that can dogs really eat potato chips or do dogs really like the taste of it? The answer is yes. Dogs can eat potato chips but all that matters is the quantity how much you feed it? You should give your dog a low amount to avoid any kinds of side effects.

Many researchers have proved that the potato chips are not healthier snacks for humans, the same is applicable for dogs too. The fact everyone knows that the potato chips do not contain any kind of vitamin within it. They are only rich in consisting of,

  • processed oil
  • fat
  • Sodium

They do not contain even a single element that can be beneficial to the human body as well as the dog´s health.

A hazardous aspect of consuming potato chips 

Though potato chips are high in carbohydrates, it is not beneficial since the energy obtained from the potato chips tend to dissipate easily and does not last long. In addition to these kinds of stuff, potato chips consist of the most hazardous ingredients that you would have never known. Potato chips consist of the artificial substances that make it retain the crispness longer and holding the freshness of the taste. Most of the time, we are unaware of these kinds of stuff because we do not pay any kind of attention to the write up in the package.

If the dog eats potato chips at first, then it would be difficult for him to stop consuming chips all the time. Do not give your dog potato chips because you create a strong and unhealthy eating habit which would be difficult to cut down later on. Potato chips are so tempting because the carbohydrates are obtained quickly than any other food item. People can easily cut down eating potato chips once they try because we possess strong willpower to avoid unhygienic habits but Dogs do not possess keeping health in check all by themselves.

Weight gaining in dogs

Dogs would search for potato chips when they feel appetite but end up in lack of energy even though after consuming too much of potato chips quantity. Due to appetite, they would end up eating too many potato chips. This circle would be repeating which leads to excessive weight gain. Potato chips consist of a lot of artificial flavorings to make it tastier while taking a bite out of it. In such a case even a normal person would enjoy the burst of flavors and find it exciting, it can be the same for dogs. These artificial ingredients would certainly cause numerous numbers of problems such as stomach ache, diarrhea and gastritis. So potato chips are not worth feeding your lovable dogs and do not even do it by mistake.


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