Can Dogs Eat Raw Bacon?

raw bacon

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No, you need to avoid feeding bacon to your dogs. As it is not toxic or poisonous where these bacon is preserved pork are prepared with smoke, salting or curing as preservatives while this can suit for the humans but not for the dogs. Even if the bacon is raw, you cannot give it to your dogs but you can give it your cat, because it is not preserved or don’t have any harmful substances.

Problems of feeding raw bacon to dogs

  • It may lead to gastrointestinal problems.
  • It leads to diarrhea.
  • Also it leads to the formation of bacteria and parasites which is very harmful.
  • Also it contains many negative elements in the bacon.

Why is bacon being very bad for dogs?

These following reasons why bacon is bad for dogs and why should keep away from it strictly.

  • Pancreatitis – Where bacon contains very rich fat content which is saturated fat is the primary reason to avoid bacon to your fluffy friend because pancreatitis develops in dogs. These pancreatitis are not a small issue where it requires surgical intervention if it is done also they will be affected by this for life time.
  • Obstructive pulmonary disease – This cause due to the high level of sodium nitrate in the raw bacon.
  • Sodium – Bacon contains high level of salts which can harmful or lead some terrible problems to your dogs with high blood pressure.
  • Obesity – It has high calories and easily bacon can add weight to your dogs and leads to all kinds of obesity factors like hypothyroidism and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Cancer – Many research studies said that, if dog or puppies who eat bacon are affecting mostly with cancer especially with bowel cancer.

In any case, if dog consumes the bacon without your knowledge or supervision you can see the symptoms in them like vomiting, intense stomach pain and diarrhea. So you can take them to the veterinarian to spot the problem and the situation

Can dogs eat the bacon grease?

Some people use to mix the little amount of bacon grease with the food where it is terrible and should not do it because it is very bad for dog’s health.

  • It contains High saturated fats.
  • It contains rich calories which can make your dogs obese.
  • It is zero nutritional benefit.
  • It may lead to dangerous heat disease also lead to the clogged arteries to your dogs.

Therefore, avoid feeding the bacon or its grease to your dogs which may lead to cause pancreatitis and death. No matter if your dog like the bacon smell or taste never allow them to consume it just even a single bite if you want to provide fatty treat to your dog then provide the products which is low in cheese and fat also nowadays so many company producing the turkey bacon, meat and bone bacon especially for the dogs. So it won’t make your dog’s to be sick.


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