Can Dogs Eat Seaweed?


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Most of the people started to make use of seaweed, not only for their umami flavor as mainly for their health benefits. Seaweeds were beneficial in many ways and it is considered as sea vegetables, so it is been used by many people. It is good for humans and when it comes to pets a question arises whether it is good for them or not. As a pet owner it is necessary for you to know that you can feed your dog with seaweed will be safe or it causes any side effects. Seaweeds are in many types and it is not all of them are same and only few are safe to dogs to eat.

What kinds of seaweed were good and bad for dogs?

  • The seaweed kelp, nori, wakame, dulse and hijki were good and are digestible kinds as each one possesses different use in cooking and offers different taste.
  • Seaweed can be given to eat to dogs in various forms by incorporating them in their meal and it is easy to provide them in the form of supplements.

Kelp is a type of edible seaweed which is a food ingredient can be served in various forms. Natural kelp can be given to dogs than that other kelp supplement should not be given as they were rich in iodine and providing more iodine leads to poisoning which affects thyroid function and form. Nori is preferred by many pet owners as they give it to their pets as a complementary. Dulse is good and it can be safely given to dogs as they taste good and adds crunch. Wakame contains many nutrients like iodine, calcium and thiamine so it is safe and good for canines.

  • Not all seaweed kinds are good to feed the dogs and in that most dreadful ones are the dried seaweeds that were present on the beach are not for consumption.

Seaweeds in the beach were shrink when it dried and your dog may have them more but they can’t chew them due to their small size. Because of this when they are ingested it expand by absorbing fluids that swells in the stomach it cause intestinal blockage that leads to causing various health defects. To avoid this risk it is better to limit your dog’s time in beach.

How seaweed was beneficial for dogs?

Seaweed helps to improve the cognitive skills of your dog and among the available sea vegetables, especially nori contains large amount of vitamin B12 so it is good for them. Seaweed used to alkalize the dog’s body as the alkali present in it helps to maintain the balance of acid in their body. This assists them to detoxify their body from radiation and heavy metals. Through giving to your dog can avoid risk of many diseases and provide them nori seaweed which has anti-inflammatory properties. Feed seaweed to your dog as it supports a healthy metabolism and their iodine content help them with thyroid problems. These benefits can be gained only when they served in right proportion.


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