Can Dogs Eat Sugar?


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At present, we can see dogs in every home because dog is a very brilliant pet animal. The dog is now categorized into many types by its size and shapes. The people should give clean and healthy atmosphere for dogs. The food is a major need of every living thing so users should provide quality and healthy foods to their dogs. Nowadays, dog owners can buy good quality dog foods in various online shops and other supermarkets.

The Micronutrient Requirements for Dogs      

The dog food should include many nutrients in order to keep the dog very healthy so well without any issues. The dogs are totally different from small breeds because it is a hard breed animal. The people have to give balanced diet foods for dogs otherwise dog’s physical and mental health cannot be improved. The dog food must contain some energy sources like vitamins and proteins.

  • The dog foods should contain a lot of proteins and energy resources
  • The dog foods should include the fats
  • The vitamins and minerals should be included in the dog’s diet
  • The carbohydrate and water both are essential in the dogs food

These factors will help dogs to live healthy without any health issues. The dogs are big in size as well as power so users need to feed them a food that must contain proteins. Actually protein is a major nutrient which plays a key role in muscle mass maintenance and tissue repair and even it is great for bone growth.  Generally dogs are active and playful so high protein content should place in their regular diet. The dogs should consume 25% to 30% protein and it helps them to hunt, track and play quite actively. The dog owners should provide chicken, turkey, beef and other fish because these are very good protein sources. Many pet owners have some doubts that can dogs can eat sugar and salt. However sugar is completely toxic to dogs and it may cause liver failure and death too.

The Importance of Nutrient Foods for Dogs

Actually, Fat is a big energy source for most of dogs and it plays an important role in diet of dogs. Fats have power to keep dog’s skin shiny and healthy. The fat foods also help to stabilize the temperature of body of dogs.  Every dog has to consume dog food that should include the 10% of fats. The most of veterinary doctor advices to have 15% to 25% fat content in the dog’s regular diet.  The fat is now simply available in some sources like fish oil, chicken fat, flax and other ingredients. All the dogs require more minerals and vitamins to live a healthy life so people have to find the best dog food. Actually, vitamins and minerals can help dog to maintain a healthy as well as shiny skin. However, dog owners should get some important advices from quality doctors. They should take care of dogs well to avoid unwanted health issues and other dusty problems.


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