Can Dogs Eat Tofu?


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If you are a vegetarian and a pet owner as well, then you can feed tofu for your dog. As it is a healthy food and vegetarian have it as a substitute for meat. Yet, tofu is healthy but it is not same as feeding it to dogs because it may cause side effects but it is not scientifically proven still. While, many people use to feed the dogs tofu with certain moderation in order to prevent the side effects.

  • Tofu is highly rich in proteins also it contains many nutrients that were useful for dogs, so it can be given to dogs by doing certain moderation to make it beneficial for them.
  • Can serve a small portion of tofu to dogs as they will be less in calories and will be highly nutrient also it will be a great food option and treat for dogs.

Health benefits gained by feeding tofu to dogs

Tofu is not an ideal food for dogs, yet it can be given them to eat as several health benefits can get from them. Tofu can be a healthy food option for dogs especially for those with food allergies. Due to various reasons dogs may develop allergies towards certain commercial dog food brands for those tofu can be a good substitute. Still it can’t be provided in regular basis as it is best to consider vet before giving tofu to your dog. Tofu is good for dogs liver as the dogs with liver issues require significant diet for fixing it so tofu can be a better choice because it contains proteins that were less liver friendly. Dogs with bladder stone problem need good source of protein with lower purines for that tofu will be the perfect option as soy has lower purines and rich in proteins as well.

  • Adding tofu to your dog diet can add health benefits to them.
  • Tofu is beneficial to dogs yet it can’t be given in daily basis as they can cause side effects.

Side effects that occur by giving dog’s tofu to eat

Providing tofu on regular basis to your dog means that you are put your dog in trouble as they cause several side effects. Tofu doesn’t contain inappropriate amount and quality of proteins needed for dogs this leads them to causing several health issues. It increases the risk of canine bloat as soybeans cause gas. If canine bloat is not taken care immediately it leads to dog’s death. Tofu contains high levels of silicate that may lead to development of kidney stone and this stone can cause bloody urination and pain. Also tofu contains phytoestrogens and indigestible sugars that cause diarrhea and gas in dogs. Some tofu may contain pesticides as they may not be organic that will be harmful for them. Whereas some dogs may allergic to tofu so it is better to discuss with vet before giving tofu to eat to your dog. Provide right amount of tofu to your dog at times as a healthy feed and to be on safer side.




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