Can Dogs Eat Watermelon Rinds?

watermelon rinds

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Yes, dogs can eat watermelon and it is a tasty fruit. Moreover, the fruit contains plenty of nutrients and vitamins that are beneficial one for the dog’s health. In which this fruit contains 92 percent of water, so they can be especially found on the summer season where it is eaten by most of the people on hot summer season for refreshing. However, too much of good thing can be of a bad one and the rinds and seeds of the watermelon can cause serious health issues to dogs, so it is very important to know how to serve the watermelon to your pet dog safely, in the way they don’t get sick. The rind of watermelon does not contain any hazardous substances with it, the toughness and texture of the watermelon rind is a problematic one.

  • If your pet dog has eaten the watermelon rind then it is not necessarily found to be in danger, but it is very much difficult to ensure that your pet dog will chew the watermelon rind thoroughly before swallowing it.
  • When the rind is of in larger piece then it can cause gastrointestinal upset or blockage. So, it is very much better to offer your dog only a few bites of the watermelon fruit and toss the rind rather than share it but ensure that you completely remove the seeds of watermelon.
  • The watermelon fruit is full of beneficial nutrients and these fruits are very much healthy one for your pet dogs, also these fruits contain vitamins A, C and B6 and potassium.
  • In addition to this the fruit also found to be rich in fiber which is very good one for digestion, so when your pet dog eats this fruit then it does not get into the trouble of indigestion problem and stomach issues.

How you should you feed watermelon to your dog?

Before you feed your dog with the watermelon or any other human foods then you must ensure your nutritionist or veterinarian about the amount of watermelon fruit that you should feed your dog and also the days for which you can feed each type of food. Many dogs have different dietary needs in which some will be having the medical conditions that might make the watermelon a bad choice for the dogs. Before feeding the watermelon fruit to your dog ensure that you completely remove the rind and seeds from the watermelon also cut the watermelon fruit into small chewable cubes where it is the simplest way of making your pet dog to eat watermelon easily.

If you want, you can also freeze up watermelon to make it extra refreshing one for the summer season and you need to make sure that your pet dog’s teeth are strong enough to crush the iced up food without being hurt. If you are feeling extra creative then you can also mix the watermelon fruit with other safe fruits and healthy ingredients such as like blueberries for making the fruit salad to smoothie dish for your dog.


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