Can Dogs Eat Cherries?


There are a number of reasons why you may want to feed your pooch fruits or veggies. Fruits and vegetables can be a staple food of a doggy diet if you choose which types to feed them carefully. In fact, a veterinarian may recommend supplementing kibble with vegetables or fruit. But you won’t see a vet recommend cherries. Cherries are no good for dogs. 

What is the Risk of Feeding My Dog Cherries?

The biggest and perhaps most obvious problem is the pits and stems. Not only do they present a choking hazard, they can cause some bowel obstructions as well. In addition to that unpleasant condition, cherries contain concentrations of cyanide within the stem and pit. In large quantities, this can poison the dog. 

What Can Dogs Eat Instead of Cherries?

The nutritional benefits of cherries is that they are very high in antioxidants. Cherries contain other compounds which can cause some relief for arthritis as well. This could be seen as the allure of feeding them to a pet, but the cons outweigh the pros here. Luckily, many food brands and treats have additives which can address these dietary deficits or needs. 

What Should I do if My Dog Eats Cherries?

If only a few were ingested, the dog is more than likely okay. Monitor the situation and the dog’s behavior. There is a risk of bowel obstruction. The dog will typically show signs of an upset stomach or may vomit if that is the case When in doubt, contact your veterinarian. If a large amount have been eaten, contact the vet immediately. Cyanide poisoning symptoms in dogs includes: shock, heavy breathing, bright red gums, or dilated pupils. 


Even though it may seem like a safe idea, you should not give or allow your dog to eat cherries. There are alternatives to cherries to supplement a diet with. If your dog does eat a few cherries, you’re probably okay. But if it has a large amount, contact your vet. Better safe than sorry.


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