Can Dogs Eat Figs?


Figs are a tasty delight for us human beings, and as such, we naturally want to share it with our best animal friends. But is it safe and even healthy? In short, figs are not dangerous for dogs to eat on occasion. But, as with all fruit, the high sugar content (and any fruit for that matter) can cause diarrhea.

Are Figs Healthy for My Dog?

Figs have many health benefits, like being high in fiber. They can sometimes relieve constipation, help with weight, and improve colon health. In addition, they are rich in potassium, which helps heart health, and the sugar is a natural source of energy. BUT, these are fresh figs. Never feed your dog dried figs as these are much higher in sugar content. As always, feed your dog figs (and other “unusual” foods) in moderation.

The Dangers of Eating Figs

While figs are actually a very healthy treat for your dog, they can sometimes cause allergic reactions. This is relatively rare, but it is good to be aware. Try giving your dog one fig and then watching your dog over the next day. Be on the lookout for things like rashes on the skin or around the mouth, itchy eyes, wheezing, and coughing. If any of these symptoms arise, go to the vet. What even vaguely looks like a rash should be checked out as soon as you notice it.

Always feed your dog figs in moderation to avoid unpleasant symptoms, once you are sure that your dog is not allergic to them. Go with two or three figs about once or twice a week.


Figs are a wonderful, healthy treat to feed your dog, and your dog’s digestion may even thank you! Just be sure they are fresh, and that you save one for yourself as well.


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