Can Dogs Eat Ginger?


Owning a dog can keep your head spinning about which “people” foods are okay for your furry friend to eat. Can dogs eat ginger? Yes, your pup is perfectly safe eating ginger and giving ginger to your dog actually has positive health benefits!

Is Ginger Good for Dogs?

Dogs and humans alike can both benefit from the amazing health benefits of ginger. This antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory root can help with several common health issues. It’s a natural remedy that can work wonders when given to your dog in small doses.

The best way to give ginger to your dog in a way that they will actually eat it is to incorporate it in small amounts. You can grate it on top of their food, use it in homemade doggie treats, or cut up a small piece and feed it to them. Some dogs may not like the taste of ginger, so it’s better to blend it into something they already enjoy eating.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Ginger

Ginger has long been used in many cultures’ traditional medicine practices to treat everything from cancer to arthritis. The ginger root offers several soothing, therapeutic benefits that can help your dog feel better.

One problem you can use ginger for is nausea or car sickness. If your dog is experiencing an upset stomach, fresh ginger can help alleviate their pain. There’s a good reason why humans reach for ginger ale when we don’t feel good! Ginger root extract can be given to your dog to prevent them from getting sick on car trips. Ginger can also help ease your dog’s bloated tummy.

Another great benefit of ginger is that it can ease arthritis pain. Thanks to its natural anti-inflammatory benefits, ginger may be just the thing to help your older dog who has achy joints. Overall, it’s a beneficial supplement that can boost your dog’s health and vitality.

Ginger Precautions

Ginger may cause blood thinning, so it should not be given to dogs who are about to undergo surgery or who will be giving birth soon. You should always talk to your vet before giving ginger to a dog with a preexisting condition. Ginger in large quantities may cause heartburn or gas, so be sure to use it just enough to reap the benefits.


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