Can Dogs Eat Marshmallows?


If you have a dog that loves human food, the temptation to indulge your furry friend can become quite powerful. It’s particularly difficult to say no to a begging dog after giving it table scraps throughout its lifetime. However, many foods that are suitable for humans are unhealthy for dogs. Before you provide any table scraps, you’ll want to research each individual food to ensure it’s safe.

Are Marshmallows Good for Dogs?

You’re on a camping trip, roasting marshmallows by the fire with your family. Your beloved pooch is there, of course. He goes everywhere and does everything with you, just like any other member of the family. Now, he wants to indulge in some roasted marshmallows. Should you allow it?

The primary ingredient in marshmallows is gelatin, which is made from boiled-down skin, cartilage and ligaments from livestock. This isn’t a dangerous ingredient on its own. Gelatin provides essential amino acids that are needed to make connective tissues within the body. However, the accompanying ingredients found within the typical marshmallow are unhealthy, which is why you should avoid purposely giving marshmallows to your dog.

What Are the Dangers of a Dog Eating Marshmallows?

The truth is that marshmallows aren’t that great for anyone. The spongy, delightful little white puffs may look innocent, but they’re packed with sugars, chemicals and other unhealthy substances, such as corn syrup, corn starch, and in some cases, food coloring. Not all brands are alike, but most mainstream marshmallows contain blue dyes to help offset any yellowing and ensure that the marshmallow remains white as it sits on store shelves waiting to be purchased. Food coloring isn’t the healthiest thing, and it’s certainly not something your dog needs to be ingesting.

If your dog steals a marshmallow from someone else’s hand or eats one that has fallen to the ground, don’t panic. In most cases, marshmallows won’t present any immediate dangers. Your dog can eat a few of them and most likely won’t suffer any problems. If an incident occurs, such as coming into the kitchen and realizing your dog has ripped open an entire bag and devoured the contents, be watchful for any signs of an upset tummy or diarrhea. Just like humans, every dog responds to things differently. If you see signs of serious illness or any other reason to be concerned, make an appointment with your veterinarian immediately.


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