Can Dogs Eat Peaches?


Dogs are notorious for eating almost anything. Our canine friends routinely eat homework papers, swallow loose change, and swallow chunks of our favorite shoes. But just because dogs eat everything does not mean everything they eat is good for them. 
Peaches is the food in question. This delicious summertime treat is good for us and can make a tasty treat for your dog as well. 

Peach Nutrition

Peaches are a rich source of fiber and vitamin A. The fruit also contains protein, natural sugar, calcium, and carbohydrates. It’s low in calories and contains no sodium or fat. An ideal treat for human or canine when consumed in moderation. 

No Canned Peaches

Canned peaches typically contain large amounts of sugar or artificial sweeteners, and preservatives, either of which will cause stomach upset for your dog. Only offer slices of fresh peaches to your

Watch the Pit

Never give a dog a whole peach. Most fruits are treated with chemicals to prevent pests and disease and traces of the chemical remain on the outside of the fruit. Wash peaches before eating, even if you discard the peel. 
The peach pit also poses a threat to dogs. They may attempt to swallow it whole and get choked, or break it into sharp pieces with their teeth and cut their mouth of throat

Different Digestion Systems

Our digestive system works differently than a dog’s and what is good for digestion is not always good for our dog. 
Dogs are meat eaters and don’t need any other type of food to keep their digestive system running smoothly. The high fiber content in peaches is great for us, but can cause stomach issues and diarrhea for our fur baby. 

Occasional Treat

A few small slices of a peach is fine for an occasional treat for your dog. When you are enjoying a fresh peach and your fur baby looks at you with those soulful eyes, you have to give them a small slice or two. Just don’t indulge them in a daily basis with any high fiber fruit or it will cause them stomach discomfort.


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