Can Dogs Eat Pineapple?


As long as it’s in small amounts, dogs can eat pineapple and often consider it a tropical treat. You can also give your dogs the stem on the top of the pineapple. However, the exterior of the fruit should be cut off so that you’re only giving your dogs the yellow portion. Pineapple is a treat that offers many of the same benefits to dogs as strawberries and other berries. 

The fruit contains high amounts of vitamin C and folate. There are also numerous essential minerals in the fruit that your dog might not get from eating their everyday food. Some of these minerals include calcium and potassium, both essential for the bones and muscles. There are also high levels of iron and zinc in pineapple. 

Keep in mind that pineapple does have higher levels of fiber. This could upset your dog’s stomach and make bowel movements looser than normal. There are also higher levels of natural sugars that can make some dogs a bit hyper. If your dog stays outside during the day, then this might not impact activity levels, but be prepared to see more running and jumping around if your dog can’t tolerate the extra sugar. 

Feeding pineapple to your dog in small amounts is usually the best option. Start with a few pieces to see how your dog will handle the fruit. After a day or so, you can try a few more pieces. If you notice that your dog has an upset stomach or doesn’t handle the extra sugar that well, then you might want to consider giving him a different kind of fruit to enjoy. Avoid giving your dog the center of the pineapple as this is the toughest part of the fruit and can be hard to chew even by the largest of dogs.


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