Can Dogs Eat Plums?


Yes, dogs can eat plums – as long as you take the pit out first. Make sure to wash the plum before you and your dog eat it. Try cutting the plum into bite-size slices. Too much fruit can upset any stomach, so avoid giving your pup more than they can handle.

Plums are relatively high in sugar, and don’t have any extreme health benefits for your dog. Plums and other fruits canned in syrup are especially sugary, and may contain a preservative that upsets your dog’s stomach.

Unripe plums can be particularly sour, and your dog may not like them. Try waiting until the plum is sweet and juicy, just like you would want to eat it. Depending on how picky your dog is, you may also want to skin the plum before you feed it to them.

Prunes are made from a variety of plums that have significantly more sugar. This makes them great for drying, but also means they can cause indigestion and diarrhea, especially in the sensitive stomach of a dog. For this reason, your dog should avoid prunes and prune juice entirely.

Why are Plum Seeds Dangerous?

The pit of a plum – or peach, apricot, or any similar fruit – is extremely high in natural cyanide. This also applies to the stems, leaves, and any non-edible parts of the plant. Cyanide is toxic to many mammals, including humans, cats, and horses, so no one in the family should be eating the plum pits.

A single plum seed may not contain enough cyanide to be fatal, but the risk is not worth taking, especially because the pit is so difficult to digest. A plum pit swallowed either whole or in fragments can be a serious choking hazard. If it makes it to your dog’s digestive system, it could cause a stomach blockage, especially in smaller dogs.

Did My Dog Swallow a Plum Seed?

If think your dog has eaten a whole plum or swallowed the pit, check them for signs of cyanide poisoning. According to the ASPCA, this can include dilated pupils, difficulty breathing, and signs of shock. Contact your veterinarian or local poison control center immediately if you think your dog has swallowed something toxic.

If you have a plum tree, make sure to pick up any fallen plums when you notice them. This will prevent dogs or other animals from swallowing the seeds. You should also keep plum pits and stems out of your outdoor compost bin for the same reason.


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