Can Dogs Eat Pork?


Dogs love meat. Actually, they love to eat pretty much anything that they can get into their mouths. Carnivores by nature, their bodies depend on protein, fat, and carbohydrates. And, the answer is yes. They can, and most certainly will, eat pork. Just keep a few things in mind. 

  • It has to be cooked thoroughly with no seasonings. They way some seasonings react with a dog’s digestive system is a whole other article.

  • They can’t have the bones, raw or cooked. They will splinter and crack like chicken bones. The bone shards can cause choking as well as damage to their esophagus and intestines.

  • Pork cracklings aren’t good for you or your dog. If you must indulge, keep it minimal. And, keep another snack handy for your furry friend.

  • Moderation is the key. As much as they will love it, too much of anything isn’t going to be good for them. The “other white meat” is rich and fatty and needs to be balanced out with their other dietary needs.

Are There Any Health Benefits?

Pork is 81 percent protein, packed with healthy fats, which their bodies crave. It’s a good source of vitamin C, which is beneficial to sick and aging dogs. High in vitamin B12, it’s good for their metabolism. And, pork is rich in niacin, phosphorus, iron, zinc, and selenium. 

Will Pork Harm My Dog?

  • As long as the pork is fully cooked, without any seasonings, boneless, and fed in moderation, it is safe for your dog to consume. Again, moderation is the key. A little nibble here and there is okay for them.

  • Some dogs will have trouble metabolizing fatty foods. The richness of the meat and the fat content of pork can cause also cause digestion issues.

  • Under-cooked pork can harm your dog. Trichinella spiralis larvae, a parasite sometimes found in raw pork, can be killed by cooking thoroughly. However, if it’s ingested alive, it can cause trichinosis causing severe gastrointestinal issues for your dog.

It’s always nice to hear that one of your dog’s favorite treats can actually be good for them. While an occasional scrap of pork is healthy for your dog, the fattiness of pork can contribute to obesity issues in dogs. So, let them indulge, just a little.


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